About Etsy

Riso postcard: Angry animals – Barking cat


Debossed cardboard tile: Cockroach


Riso print: Extra Ordinary – Book


Debossed cardboard tile: Isopod


canvas poster: Stitches – Octopus


What is Etsy?

Etsy is a global marketplace for unique, handmade and vintage products. They offer a platform where people can sell their own products. This means that if you buy VrijFormaat products at Etsy, you buy these directly from us. We have the stock, or make something to order, we have the contact with the customers and will send you your purchase. Etsy offers us the use of their website, payment options and a large community and audience.


On Etsy we sell our handmade products and designs we’ve had made in small numbers. We also offer a few of our designs as photographic print.
This Etsy shop is a bit different from our shops at the printing on demand sites Society6 and Redbubble. On those sites other companies make stuff with our designs.
On Etsy all the products are ours.

Available products: canvas posters | dibond/art prints | riso prints | other wall art | cards | books


If you buy more than 1 product from us, it is a good idea to contact us in advance. Shipping costs will add up automatically, and can very likely be lowered. Therefore: if you contact us, we will add a custom order to our shop with the desired products and the correct shipping costs.

Of course this does not apply if you buy at Etsy from different sellers. Then you need to pay shipping costs to the different sellers.

We are located in the Netherlands. If you buy from outside of the European Union you may have to pay an extra charge to customs (import). These are extra costs that we can’t control, and we can not help or offer refunds because of these extra costs.

Visit our shop at Etsy.com