Printing on Demand, what does that entail? Well, exactly what the name says. A design is uploaded to the site and only when it is actually ordered, it will be printed on a product of your choice. From coffee mug to duvet cover. The end product is only made when there is demand for it.

Such companies not only offer designers and artists the possibility to have their work printed on various products, but also the opportunity to sell it through them. We upload our designs to their site and they take care of the rest. They print, make and ship the product and we get a percentage of the profit for that specific item.

Nowadays there are all kinds of companies that offer these services. All with their own series of products. We currently can be found on Society6, Redbubble and Werk aan de Muur (also called ohmyprint).


In addition to the examples you can see on the photos, there are different types of pillows, clocks, trays, leggings, both transparent and blackout curtains and much, much more, so take a look at our Society6 shops.

Besides our VrijFormaat shop with graphic design, patterns and illustrations, we also have a shop specifically for our photographic work, called VF PHoto. Here you will find products with our photos, taken just around the corner or somewhere during one of our many travels.


In addition to all kinds of home decor products, writing books and jigsaw puzzles, at Redbubble you can find many different types of T-shirts and hoodies for adults and children, just to name a few examples. Check out what they have to offer here. We also have a VF PHoto section at Redbubble.

Werk aan de Muur / ohmyprint

Werk aan de muur is Dutch for (art)work on the wall. As the name suggests they produce all kinds of printed matter to hang on your wall. We offer a small selection of our designs through this site. It is in Dutch, but they also have a webshop under the name ohmyprint in French and German.


At Spoonflower you can order several patterns on fabric and wallpaper. And if you want they will turn the fabric into several products like duvet covers, table cloths and curtains,


Werk aan de muur / Ohmyprints is mainly focussed on the Dutch, French and German market. They do deliver worldwide, but if you are in another country you might want to check the wall art options at Society6 or Redbubble.

Redbubble’s headquarters are in Australia and Society6 is in the United States. That in itself does not matter for orders, because both deliver worldwide. Both Redbubble and Society6 work with partners based in other countries. For example, Redbubble has partners in several EU countries, the USA, UK, Canada and Australia, and try to produce in a country as close as possible to the person ordering it. Though some products are only produced in a specific country.

When your product comes from another country than you live in, you may have to deal with import duties. Customs regulations can vary from country to country and frequently change, please check what the rules are in your own country. Unfortunately we have no influence on this or the heigt of the additional costs you may run into.

The good news is that Redbubble will cover these extra costs if they occur on orders made through them! Read here how to get that money back. They also provide a list of where each type of Redbubble product is produced.