Our own Riso

Our newest asset

Quite some time ago we had lots of fun at Kapitaal (the graphic workplace of Utrecht) printing several times on their Riso machines. But unfortunately, after they moved, that stopped.

We hoped that it would restart, but when it was clear that that would not happen, we had to look for other options. Eventually we decided to take the plunge and bought a second-hand machine and a number of colour drums.

Busy printing

(In Dutch the word ‘druk’ means both ‘busy’ and ‘print’.)

We are exploring the possibilities and peculiarities of our EZ300.

Our first design has since been printed in a limited edition.

For all our riso prints, visit our Etsy-shop.

If by chance there are people who read and think this; gosh, I still have an EZ300 colour drum and I want to get rid of it … we might be interested!

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