Under the name VrijFormaat we, Dutch designers Esther van de Visch and Joke van de Fliert, showcase our free work. Work that we make besides the graphic design by commission in our studio Omniafausta. We chose VrijFormaat (FreeFormat) because we try all different types of design and art forms and we are not stuck on one type of format, size, material or technique. On this site you can browse through a selection of our designs, or visit our shops for more. Designs and (handmade) stuff we produce ourselves, can be found in our Etsy-shop. And our designs are available on several printing on demand sites. The shops are divided into VrijFormaat (design & artwork) and VF PHoto (photography).

Riso postcard: Angry animals – Barking cat


One-piece shortsleeve: Spring is in the air deer


backpack: Angry Animals – Bad ass donkey

Society6 VrijFormaat

Duvet cover: Growing – Ginkgo


T-shirt: Weird Poodles – Don’t worry be happy

Redbubble VrijFormaat

Postcards – Growing


Wall mural: Weird & Wonderful – Flamingo Boys


Tote bag: Stitches – Growing bubbles


dibond print: Weird & Wonderful – Space Deer


throw pillow – Hi! Nazca boobie

Redbubble Society6 VrijFormaat