where to buy

We sell our work in various places, mostly online, but there are also prints for sale offline.


One of the main selling locations we currently have is our VrijFormaat shop at Etsy. Etsy is a digital marketplace that offers mainly handmade and vintage products. Everything we sell here we make ourselves, or have it produced on a small scale. So we use the Etsy website, but we do the inventory, shipping and customer contact ourselves. This means that when you order something from VrijFormaat via Etsy, the payment will go through Etsy, but we personally will send you the products. This also applies to orders via the Abel & Tosh web store.

There are also many VrijFormaat designs on Printing on Demand sites. These products we do not make ourselves. We only supply designs that are printed on a wide variety of products. We currently use Society6, Redbubble and Werk aan de Muur. And we sell a small part of our work through the site iamfy. But they do not ship many products to the Netherlands, so that is mainly aimed at the foreign market.

Below is a list of links to the relevant shops.


Abel & Tosh
Werk aan de muur
Noir Gallery

VF PHoto



Vrijformaat Studio

Would you rather buy directly from us, for example a series of risoprints? Or do you really like one of our designs, but you can’t find it in our shops or if you want something special done with it? Send an email to hallo@vrijformaat.nl, we will look at the possibilities together.

Green Up / I Love Vintage

We sell some of our risoprints, riso-cards and screen prints at
I Like Vintage
(in the basement of Green Up))
Stadhuisbrug 5, Utrecht

Temporary / incidental

We generally mention one-time-only selling locations in the news items. But there are also events that return once in a while.

Atelierroute Utrecht
Once every 2 years a lot of artists in Utrecht open their studios for the public. We will usually join this event.
More info: atelierrouteutrecht.nl