“How to describe Vrijformaat in just a few words?

Ehm… creative discharge valve is the closest thing that comes to mind”

As graphic designers we have been working together on many different projects in our studio called Omniafausta. Graphic design is also central to VrijFormaat (FreeFormat). But here we explore all kinds of design and illustration within various techniques. We draw, paint, embroider, sew, print and work both analog and digital. And since we bought our own risograph, we have been captivated by this inspiring technique.

So in addition to a single flyer, extensive identity (complete with brochures and website), you can also contact us for a new wallpaper in the office, a large canvas poster in the living room or a special design for the lining of an exclusive jacket..

A large part of our designs can be found under collections. And at the various shops in the categories Risoprints, Posters & Cards and Printing on Demand you’ll find the products we sell.
However, if you have a great idea with one of our designs, a proposal to collaborate or a completely different plan that you think suits us, please contact us. Together we can look at the possibilities.

Btw, we realize that the name VrijFormaat is a bit unusual for English speaking folk. So you can call us FreeFormat. But if you want to challenge yourself a bit more and say it like the Dutch, pronounce the ij as the i from Friday, and the double aa like in master. That’s easy enough, no?

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